The Good Life Manifesto - three pursuits for life

The core ideology of The Good Life Manifesto is “living a better life” – whatever that may mean to each person. But we do not live in a vacuum. We live in a world filled with other people, all individuals, just like us. We need to work on becoming independent humans, reliant on ourselves, yet part of the whole and contributing in any of a myriad of ways.

We should be constantly pursuing improvement on three aspects of our lives, so that we are not simply taking up space in the world, but contributing to it.  

Become a maven

You cannot know everything about everything. No-one can. Being a maven means being knowledgeable about a subject. A specialist in that topic, with useful information about it that you are willing to share with others. It does not matter what it is, but if you are passionate about something you will find out as much as possible as you can about it, and continue that thirst for information about it. 

And being a maven is not restricted to academic knowledge. It can be a talent, a skill, an art, a natural affinity for something.

There are always people who will find your expertise valuable, whatever it is. And being valuable adds to the world whilst making you independent, and more able to control your own destiny.

“If you want to improve the world, work on yourself. By default the world overall will be a tiny bit better. And if each one of us did that, the result would be an exponentially better world.”

Ludovic Vuillier

Do you know what your forte is? Do you know how to develop it? How do you build a plan to learn how to use it?

Our Embrace The Chaos course can help you find and develop your inner maven, and. Click here to start.

Become money savvy

To be independent you need to have some basic financial stability. This does not mean that you have to be the world’s next greatest entrepreneur (although if you are interested in entrepreneurship have a look at our toolboxes), but that whatever you chose to do with your life you should not have to rely on charity. 

Having a job does not necessarily mean financial independence, even if it is a high paying one. It is no good to have large amounts of money coming in each month, only to live beyond your means and be in debt to the bank, and have no savings. 

Many people do not have high paying jobs. Yet they manage to make ends meet, have some savings and do not live on credit.

What is the difference between the high flyer and the person with the modest income? 

Money management skills. 

To learn these skills you need a little discipline and a change in perspective. 

So, how do you become financially savvy? The Good Life Manifesto has lots of tools to help you. Firstly, read our eBook Financial Abundance. It’s free – isn’t that a good start to saving money already? 

On our financial products page you will find more tools to help you. Sign up for our 3 Month or 12 Month Financial Abundance Membership programs and receive expert advice on managing your finances.

Become a Mensch

Mensch is a Yiddish term commonly used world wide to describe someone as “a good guy”. But what is a “good guy”? A Mensch is a person of integrity, honour and noble character. In Judaism there is a saying “before you become a good Jew, become a good human”. Or in other words – become a mensch.

The Good Life Manifestos ideology is to live a better life. This does not refer only to material things, but also to improving our own moral fibre. Fundamentally this means doing what is right and positive. There is a lack of positivity in the world from people not doing something that brings good to the world. 

Positive actions can be big things, such as wealthy philanthropists who spend their lives and their money donating to causes they feel will better the world. Or they can be small things – helping an older person carry their shopping, smiling and greeting the person behind a till, giving a few coins to someone in need, helping at an animal shelter. A Mensch does not do these things to brag and shout out to the world what wonderful things they do for others. A Mensch does this simply as part of their lives with no fanfare.

In Judaism there is a saying “before you become a good Jew, become a good human”. Or in other words – become a mensch.

The Good Life Manifesto embraces this principle of becoming a better you. 

We have created a society called “The Sons Of Adam”, which is a group of individuals seeking ways to make the world just a little bit better by their own actions. Although it is called “Sons”, women of course can also embody the principles of being a mensch and are welcome to apply to join. The reason it is called “Sons of Adam” is because that is a direct translation from Hebrew, which means “Humans”. 

Apply to join The Sons Of Adam group