The Good Life Manifesto Team

Any project, business or collaboration is only as good as the people who work on it. The Good Life Manifesto team comprises of a wonderful group of people. Some of them on the front lines bringing you information and inspiration, and some of them are working in the background to help make it happen. 

Meet some of our core team members:

Ludovic Vuillier

Ludovic is the visionary and founder of The Good Life Manifesto. As you will read on our Origins page, The Manifesto has been created over his life so far, from a very early age. Influenced by his life experiences and growing up with the advice of his very money savvy mother, Ludovic not only helms The Good Life Manifesto, but also provides the guidance on personal development and finance that we offer. 

Ludovic loves to travel, and has a great passion for animals in general and birds in particular, and he has many birds living and traveling with him. He also loves to eat a lot more than one would think!

As well as the blog articles that Ludovic writes for The Good Life Manifesto, he can also be followed on:

Firas Kubrasli

Firas is the health and fitness expert for The Good Life Manifesto. At one point in his life, Firas was unhappy with his own body – he was much larger and fatter and decided to transform himself by becoming more lean and stronger. He has since taken all the information he personally learned, and helped a great many people change their bodies and their lives. He has a passion in particular for personalised body transformation.

As Firas humorously says: “I help people get dates with an almost 100% success rate”!

Also a keen traveller, Firas grew up in Syria, lived and worked in Dubai and currently he lives in Moscow. From sweltering heat to freezing cold – talk about change!   

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Kshitij Singh

Kshitij met Ludovic on reddit, and found that The Good Life Manifesto gave him many of the answers he had been seeking in his own life. He decided that he wanted to be part of a team that could change people’s lives. 

Officially the marketing and social media manager, he considers himself the “Man Friday” for the group. He loves to analyse situations and find solutions to challenges, and jumps in wherever and whenever he is needed.

A resident of India, Kshitiji has a love for animals, and he enjoys anime and playing computer games.

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Dwayne Wessels

Fitness expert and South African native Dwayne started in the field at a time in his life when he felt seriously lacking in confidence in himself. So he started working on improving his body, and experienced such a change in his perspective on life that he decided that he wanted to help others do the same. So he made a total career change from IT and studied to become a personal trainer and fitness boxing instructor. 

Dwayne loves animals, and is also involved in several outreach programs for under-privileged communities.

Yiannis Tzannes

Yiannes has worked in the financial sector for decades. Originally from Greece, he has worked in London and Cyprus with banks and large financial institutions. He brings a wealth of financial knowledge to the team.

Yiannis loves entertaining and having friends from all over the world stay with him for visits. He has a Husky who was taught a great trick by a friend – how to burp on request!