“Every creation is a three step process. The Foundation, the Building, the Maintenance. To thrive in life, all three must be improved upon.”

– Ludovic Vuillier

Step 1 - The Foundation

In the book, The Good Life Manifesto – Setting The Foundations, we use the motto “Whatever is not useful, is useless” to help you create a strong, lean foundation on top of which you can build your empire – be it in finances, business, health, relationships and more. The guidelines are the same for all, no matter the destination.

It’s a short, easy read that will change your outlook on so many things in your life you’ll find yourself going back to it regularly.

Step 2 - Build Your Empire

“The secret to living a good life is to thrive in chaos, for life is chaos.

Ludovic Vuillier

Embrace The Chaos – A Blueprint to Leading A Good Life

“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.

Niels Bohr

Not that we have a choice about life being chaos but to help us reframe the positive aspects of it, here is one very important benefit of chaoscreativity is rooted in randomness.

Randomness is often perceived as chaos simply because it can’t be controlled and it bars us from predicting the future, thereby controlling it. But we need to change the way we see Chaos. Yes, it can be frightening but just imagine what you could achieve by harnessing the power of creativity and chaos

Why is this important? Because creativity is incredibly important to leading a good life. I do not mean the creativity that brings us the arts, I mean the creativity that helps us engineer solutions to our challenges, the creativity that helps us reframe problems that we have, the creativity that helps us with storytellingwhich is the basis of all human communications.

Do not fear chaos – embrace it!

The best way to help us embrace chaos is to manage it. I do not mean a complex set of rules which just adds more mayhem and confusion to your life nor do I mean a detailed plan with very rigid rules. I mean a simple set of management guidelines.

Step 3 - Maintain The Excellence

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