The Good Life Manifesto

Manifesto. If you look up the definition of the word you will find it has many meanings and applications. But if we were to pick a few words and phrases from the multiple definitions, they would be these: view, new idea, belief, life stance, carrying out changes.

Thank you, Wikipedia, for these words. 

This is what the Good Life Manifesto is – a view to a new way of life and carrying out the changes to achieve it. 

Over many years, Ludovic Vuillier has planned the Manifesto. Often not even aware that he was doing so. Living his life. Succeeding at some things, failing at others. Questioning himself. Looking for ways to improve his own life. And developing tools to do it. 

The Good Life Manifesto is about using these tools to help you have a happier life. What constitutes a happier life is different for everyone. But at the core it is about finding out what is really important to a person, and methods to help them to achieve it.

These tools are available to you. Take action. Improve your life.

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