Just recently I was asked by a friend to explain to her what The Good Life Manifesto is. I wanted to give her an answer that was short but explanatory enough. Here is what I came up with:

“The Good Life Manifesto is the result of many years of planning. Most people want to live a good life but are so focused on the immediate day to day stresses they miss out on the bigger picture of what is and isn’t important to them.

The goal is to help people focus on the important things while not negating of course the day to day obligations.”

The purpose is not to tell you what a good life is. What is a good life for me is different that what you would consider a good life. The purpose is to help you find out what truly is important to you so you can focus on building up those parts of your life so that you too can live a good life.

But who am I? Why should you even listen to me?

As you can read in “Origin Story”, I really did not have a life I loved. Granted, I wasn’t given the best deck of cards to start off with, but worse than that is I didn’t have the tools necessary to actually take what I had and build something good with it. A life I would truly enjoy. Not in the hedonistic sense of the word at all. But a life worth living.

Do not try to emulate my life. Most people would not enjoy it. I prefer being a nomad to having a grand home. I spend a lot of time cleaning up after my flock. Because I travel always, I do not have my local friends around to have a drink with every so often. Do not misunderstand me, I love the life I have today. But you might not.

So what should you do?

Achieving a life I love took a lot of work, a lot of trial and error, a lot of failures and some successes. I have been able to develop a system that can help anyone achieve a life that they will love – a life worth living.

Take the tools, learn the system and achieve the life you never dreamt possible.