We all go through hard times. It is part of life. The harder it is, and the longer it goes on for, the more mired in misery we become. The more unhappy we are, the harder it is to find any joy. The less joy we have, the unhappier we are. It is a vicious circle.

Our distress is from the past and the future. We may be sad, angry, regretful or in denial about what has happened in the past. And we fear for the future as a result of the event or action that occurred. 

Not as much attention is paid to the present, and yet it is in the present that we can find things to help us.

There are wonderful moments in the present that we can take a short time to enjoy. The wonderful taste of your coffee if you spend a few seconds concentrating just on that. A shape in a cloud. A fabulous parking space. A flower. The companionship of a pet. A gorgeous moon, or a beautiful sunset. A smile from a stranger. An egg that turned out exactly how you like it. That moment of absolute comfort when you first get into bed – just before you have to scratch your nose and you can’t get back into that perfect position again!

Joy is everywhere in small quantities. They add up. The more you look for, the easier it becomes to find it. Will the sight of a bunny on the side of the road miraculously solve your problems? Absolutely not. But it will make you happy for a moment. And no matter how awful your circumstances, finding happiness to balance your gloom will make you able to think more clearly and find your way through.

The past is important – it shapes us and we learn from it. The future is important – we are going there whether we like it or not. But remember to spend time truly in the present and enjoy the small wonders that are everywhere, just waiting for you to enjoy.