The site is full of information for you to lead a better life. Some of the information is to make you think and some of the information is to help you implement. With all this, it can sometimes be confusing to see what services you can find on the site, both in-house and partner services, both free and paying.

To make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for, the list of services has been divided into subjects.

  • Health & Fitness
    • Initial consultation – in the initial consultation you will discuss with our in-house maven Firas Kubrasli where you’re at now, what your goals are, any limitations you may have, past experiences and what are some initial steps you can take to be on your way to reaching your goal. Schedule your free consultation.
    • Nutritional & Training Plans – based on your initial consultation Firas can design for you a personalized nutritional and training plan. Start your transformation here.
    • Ongoing Support – the hardest part of going through a physical transformation is mental. This is why it’s very important to receive ongoing support. Now, we offer ongoing support to our members who so choose. Whether or not you got your plan from us. Sign up to our Physical Transformation Support.
  • Financial
    • Financial Abundance ebook – receive your free copy of the first book of The Good Life Manifesto series which will give you loads of information on how to manage your finances better and achieve financial abundance. Click here to receive your free book copy.
    • Be An Investor. Not A Gambler webinar – join our webinar in which we will discuss what to look for and what to look out for when analysing various investment possibilities. Join the webinar.
    • Financial Abundance membership – learn to make good financial choices and get in the right financial habits that will make a difference in your life. You can choose a 3 month membership or a 1 year membership.
    • MintFX – you can sign up for trading signals which are duplicates of what the company trades in its own accounts or you can choose to have the MintFX manage the investment account for you. Click here for more info.
  • Personal Development
    • Blog – in the blog we bring up a lot of ideas about living a good life by developing our thoughts, emotional self-regulation, interpersonal relationships, philosophy and more. Read the blog.
    • The Good Life Manifesto ebook – Setting The Foundations – in this ebook, we go over the basics. How to create a good, stable foundation on which to build your life. A weak foundation can crumble the best building. In the same manner, a strong foundation is required if you are to build a life you really feel good about. Get your copy of the book.
    • Sons of Adam [by application only] – as a part of this group, you will be guided by our team as well as motivated and supported by other group members to develop yourself so that every day you are a little better than the day before. In this group, we work on everything. Apply here.
    • The Manifesto – Embrace The Chaos [TGLM Academy] – in this course you will learn the guidelines you should follow to live your best life. Sign up for the course.
  • Corporate Services
    • Corporate Packages – if you would like to offer your clients any of our services as part of your HR, training or as an added bonus, please contact us directly so we can help you build the right package for your employees. Click here for more info.
    • Business Advisory – do you need help with your operations, sales or negotiations? We have decades of experience to help you achieve better results with less headache. In partnership with Baer’s Crest we help you achieve your business goals. Click here to apply.