You may have noticed I did not update weekly. It was not due to lack of follow through, rather a tech issue we experienced. Due to this, I decided to write up a summary at the end of the time period summarising everything.

What’s hard to do when you’re losing fast and building muscle is seeing how much of each has been added/ deducted. So keep in mind that the following numbers are estimates. The way I measured was with a tape measure and a scale.

Initially, I thought I would work on leaning out only. Then an opportunity came to volunteer on a farm and I decided to go for it. The good news is that the food was with lots of organic vegetables and home raised meat. This of course only added to the good plan our maven Firas built for me.

We had to make sure I was eating enough of the right things to help me lean out but also enough in general to give me enough energy to fulfil my obligations. To make things even harder, some days were full of hard physical labor and other days were a bit more relaxed and we couldn’t always know ahead of time what day would be what.

And with all of that, I finished my 6 weeks with about 2-3 kilos less of fat and about 1-2 kilos more of muscle. If that’s not a success, I don’t know what is.

I need to give my body some rest, but in a few weeks I will continue my journey. I’ll keep you posted.