Noble character.


What do these words mean?

Essentially, it all comes down to doing what is right, what is positive rather than what is not right and not positive. Notice I do not say wrong or negative since those words are very charged and few of us mean to do wrong and negative things. Usually the lack of positivity in the world comes from not doing what brings good to the world.

The good news is that it is not difficult to change this. Again, please notice I do not say it is easy. It is not. We are so involved with ourselves, our survival that it can be incredibly hard to notice what is going on around us and smile to the stranger, give a hand to the old lady crossing the street and maybe give a quarter to the person in the corner.

There are many ways to add light to the world. However, it can be frustrating to see the good guy “porn” of people taking selfies and videos of themselves being “awesome” giving charity. Would they do it if there were no cameras and no one to tell? Maybe yes.

Please do not misunderstand, I too have sometimes shared a good deed that was done. Why? Many reasons. Not all lofty. So what do I do to combat this? Every so often I do a really good deed and I say it to no one. Not one soul. This keeps me grounded and I recommend to everyone to do this to combat this “charity porn” we see on social media.

Most of us will never be philanthropists. Kudos to philanthropists who have achieved or were born into massive wealth and who spend time donating that money to causes which they believe will better the world. But the truth is that like everything else, it’s all based on Kaizen. The Kaizen philosophy says that small, incremental changes make very big changes in results. If every week, you better yourself by 1% even without compound interest by the end of the year you will be more than 50% better!!  Can you imagine?

This is why, we have created the “Sons of Adam”. It is a group of individuals, all looking to become a little bit better in the world. Not by doing grand gestures, rather by focusing on the small differences we can make. Unlike the rest of the information on the site, this is not a course, book, or mentorship program. This is because being a mensch is not something that is done once and that’s it. It’s not overnight either. It is a lifelong journey that is never ending.

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