A friend once told me that he could be attracted to any woman he met. Not to belittle the beauty of the fairer sex, but I was a bit surprised. I asked him how this could be. Did he not have any preferences whatsoever?

He explained that in each woman he could find something he liked. Once he found that, he would focus all of his attention on that one thing. The end result was that he would be completely enamored with that girl.

Knowledge is similar.

In the movie The Big Blue, there’s a scene where Enzo asks Jacques what he wants to know.

                            Enzo: What do you want to know?

                            Jacques: Everything.

                            Enzo: Everything about what?

                            Jacques: Everything about everything.

Don’t be Jacques. That is not the idea of being a maven. Knowledge should be useful to us. So find something, no matter how quirky or bizarre it may be and become an expert in that one thing. Even the simplest of jobs can be done with the utmost skill and eye to detail.

I’ll give you an example of something I found which completely fascinated me. There is a website where you can find out what type of glue you should use depending on the two types of surfaces you are looking to glue together. That is all the website offers. Talk about niche knowledge. And that’s the point.

It doesn’t matter how niche it is. Know as much as you can about your particular subject.

What is the purpose of this knowledge?

The purpose is simple. If you become very knowledgeable about something, you will be able to better control your destiny and your future.

A sales team I was training was once having to deal with a late payment from management. Let me preface this story by saying that I do not think an employee should ever be paid late or not at all. Having said that, the reality of the world is that it does happen. I told them one morning that the best way to make sure they always got paid, and always got paid on time was to become invaluable. How do you become invaluable? Become a maven in something.

Knowledge makes you useful to the world.

The idea of knowledge is not specifically academic. It can also be a manual knowledge, a skill, an ability, a talent. Whatever it is – be an expert at it.

How do you learn to find what your talent is? How do you develop it? How do you build a plan to learn how to use it?

The Most Important Knowledge

“If you want to improve the world, work on yourself. By default the world overall will be a tiny bit better. And if each one of us did that, the result would be an exponentially better world.” – Ludovic Vuillier

The most important knowledge we can have and the one type of knowledge we all need is on how to be a better human. Here at The Good Life Manifesto we believe in using the Kaizen principle to improving – small changes are easy to implement and have a synergistic effect on each other.

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We built a course just for you – Embrace The Chaos. Most of us want to improve our lives but don’t know how. And most of the information out there is either much too specific and doesn’t fit our lives and objectives or it’s too theoretical.

This course gives 8 guidelines that will give you the tools you need to lead a good life based on your own objectives and visions.

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