The Good Life Manifesto - getting started

“Every creation is a three step process. The Foundation, the Building, the Maintenance. To thrive in life, all three must be improved upon.”

Ludovic Vuillier

These are the basic principles of the Good Life Manifesto, the three steps that need to be taken. By you.

Step 1 – The Foundation 

“Whatever is not useful, is useless” 

This is the motto we use in the book The Good Life Manifesto – Setting The Foundations.

This eBook is a short, easy read about the groundwork to creating a strong foundation on which you can build your empire. Whatever your own “empire” is, be it finance, business, relationships, health or anything else. The principles of a lean and strong foundation are applicable to anything you wish to achieve. 

This eBook will change your outlook on so many things in your life that you will find yourself returning to it over and over again.

Start now. Buy the eBook. 

Step 2 – Build Your Empire

“The secret to living a good life is to thrive in chaos, for life is chaos.”

Ludovic Vuillier

Embrace The Chaos – A Blueprint To Leading A Good Life

“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future.”

Niels Bohr

How true. Just ask any weather forecaster! 

Chaos and randomness and turmoil happen. It cannot be avoided. It cannot be controlled. But you can use it if you know how. Chaos can be shaped into harnessing our creativity. And creativity is a really important factor in living a good life. 

This does not refer to the arts, although the works of Jackson Pollock look like chaos to a lot of people! It is about how we find solutions to deal with the unexpected, how to look at it from another perspective, how to use it to our advantage. 

A common English saying is “necessity is the mother of invention”.  So do not fear chaos – embrace it!

The Good Life Manifesto has a course designed specifically to show you guidelines on dealing with the unforeseen. It is called Embrace The Chaos. Sign up for this course here. 

Step 3 – Maintain The Excellence

Once you have your foundation, and know how to manage the unpredictable, the next step is to keep it going.

More information on this is coming soon, so keep an eye out for it…….