There are a few levels of financial independence but in its most basic form, financial independence means not needing charity.

Having a job is not enough to achieve financial independence. Even if it’s a high paying job. However, neither is it required to have a “side hustle” or any other type of freelance business. You do not need to found a startup or invest in one. You do not need to be an entrepreneur.  What you do need is to learn how to manage your money. If you’re not good at managing your money, then no matter how much you earn, you will never be financially independent – even while working.

I’ve met people who have millions in income producing real estate, and are in debt to their bank because of their day to day  expenses, with little to no savings.

On the other hand, I have seen people with almost nothing manage to make ends meet without any outside help.

The difference between both? Money management skills.

It’s not an impossible goal. All it requires is a little discipline and a big change in perspective.

Let’s start with the discipline – start by tracking all of your expenses and your revenue. If you’ve read Financial Abundance, you could have signed up to download the Financial Abundance Toolbox. It gives you what you need to track your finances easily. If you haven’t yet read it, this is the time – it’s free. Click here to download it. All you need to do is to follow the instructions in the book and toolbox. You’ll see it’s easy.

When I was younger, I worked for a few months at a hotel. Every so often we got small tips. I had bought an accountant’s ledger and I marked down every single little cent that came in and went out. That’s the level of discipline you should aspire to achieve in your financial tracking. The more detailed the better you will be able to take control of your finances.

Now the interesting part – the change in perspective.

What do you really need?

Most people confound too easily what they need and what they want. Even if the difference is small, first be aware of what it is you actually need. Even if you have millions of dollars in income, you still need to make a list of the bare essentials that you really need.

Take it to the extreme.

Here’s why it’s important to do this. Assuming you don’t live in a third world country, you have running water, plumbing, food in the store when you need it and basic telecommunication abilities. Moreso, you have electricity and gas so the water is hot when you want it, the light turns on when you want it to and so on.

This may seem extreme but that’s exactly the point!

Instead of comparing yourself to the top 1% of the world, compare yourself to the bottom 20-30% of the world. You are wealthy beyond their dreams! You are already living in luxury!

Even if you go camping and are “roughing it”, it is still luxury. Why? Because you can go back home whenever you want to and even while out in the wild, you have gear to make your experience safer and more comfortable.

Most of your financial troubles come from comparing yourself to the people who have more than you


Change your perspective.

Compare yourself to the people who have less than you.

Now make your list again of what are your bare necessities.

This is where your money needs to go first. If you still have money that is great! Don’t go spend it all. Take the advice in the book Financial Abundance and develop your finances using the information there. You can also book a free consultation for yourself.

If you do have a business, it is often a wise idea to get the perspective of an outsider. We are too often embroiled in our day to day challenges that we miss the easy wins and changes that can and should be made to achieve the next level – whichever level that may be. Our partners at Baer’s Crest have seen first hand the difference their work with clients can bring. The results achieved are sometimes awe-inspiring. The reason for this is the difference in perspective and also the massive amounts of experience working with many companies in different industries. Rarely are these changes overnight, but just as with everything, if you persevere in the right direction long enough, the small incremental wins add up to something big. If you would like click here for more information about Baer’s Crest Advisory Services.

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