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We present to you Episode Eight- 

How to use the power of “and”

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Hello, everyone and thank you for joining us on Radio Manifesto – The Good life

This time, I am not the one interviewing our guest. Instead I left this honor and duty to Michaela, our talented copywriter and dog trainer. The purpose of this podcast is to be a lesson to all of us, not for me to have a platform. Remembering this, I deemed Michaela to be the best guide on this journey. So now, let me introduce this week’s guest. 

Caroline Lee is a sexual trauma and brain cancer survivor turned life coach and therapist in training. She strives to bring the beauty of “and” to the world – what it means to accept the negative and be grateful for the positive. She helps women connect with who they really are, unpack and grow from their mother wound, and create the beautiful life they truly desire.

Don’t forget to listen to the end. After the interview, I’ll answer a question from the audience. This time I’ll answer a question about why we started this podcast. 

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