*Warning! This post has mentions of death and gets very personal. Remember that we can learn from everything and everyone but the only way we can truly learn is without judgment*


Recently I saw a picture joke that showed what we think life is when we plan it as young adults and the difference between how life really is. In the first picture you see life as something linear that you can gingerly go along and plan every step of the way. In the second picture, you see bumps, spikes, circles going around each other, the line going back and forth, etc. I laughed because it’s so true.

As we get older we realize that life is anything but predictable. So how do we deal with this? Expect the unexpected, learn to prepare for and manage the downside, learn to utilise the upside to prepare for the rest.

All of the above skills are important and all of them should be learned but there is one skill which most people don’t realize they need to learn. And that skill is learning to recognize the pivot point. 

What is a pivot point?

It’s the point where things turn around. If you analyze the downturns in your life and when/ how they went back up, you’ll notice there’s a common thread in all of them. I’ll give you an example using myself. Years ago I read the book “Unleash The Warrior Within” and there was one phrase that stayed with me. More than a decade later and that is the one phrase I can quote. Please do not misunderstand me, the entire book was great and there are many principles which I still use in my day to day life, but this is the one that marked me the most because it’s at the point when I say it that I recognize the pivot point. What is it?

“Not dead, can’t quit”

The entire sentence is “There are only two ways to fail, if you die or if you quit. I’m not dead and I won’t quit.”

At my lowest point, I have the thought that death would not be too bad. Yes, it is a very morbid thought but as someone who has faced death multiple times personally and with the people around me from my youngest years it is understandable that my thoughts on death differ from most people. I have my reasons for wanting to stay alive. So death is not an option. And as long as I breathe I am not a quitter. Quitting is never an option for me since it is not who I am.

So at my lowest point, since death is not an option, I choose to fight. And once I choose to fight, I fight my way out of the gutter and back up. 

To be clear, these downward spirals are not only emotional. They can be financial, health related, relationship related, etc. Anything in our life can be going up or down. Everything in our life has a habit of being cyclical. It’s part of life. Sometimes, everything is going wrong at the same time and those are the worst times. But clawing your way out of those times will give you an inner strength that is indescribable and incomparable to anything else. My worst downfalls have created the most strength in me so that the next drops were better. Not because the drops were easier, but because I was better prepared for them mentally. I knew I had the inner strength to deal with it.

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