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We present to you Episode Eleven- 

How to Free Yourself

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Hello, everyone and thank you for joining us on Radio Manifesto – The Good life

This episode where I have the pleasure of interviewing Angela Agranoff, a woman with the most calming voice I have ever heard who is a master “uncluterrer” and a coach of EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques, also known as tapping. 

There’s a story of a man who goes to a monk and asks him to teach him. After a few minutes conversation, the monk asks the man if he would like some tea, to which his guest replied that yes, he would. The monk proceeds to fill the cup. But when it’s full he continues to fill it up and it overflows. The man who had been speaking almost nonstop until this moment, stops and stares. Very confused he asks the monk why he’s continuing to pour out tea since it’s already overflowing. The monk stops what he’s doing and says “the cup is like your mind. Until you empty it of what’s there you won’t be able to learn new things. 

From this story we learn the importance of letting go of what’s filling our space so we can let in new things, new experiences. In this conversation we discuss the methods Angela uses for her clients to help them free up their mind, heart and physical space. 

Don’t forget to listen to the end. After the interview, I’lI answer a question from the audience. This time I’ll answer a question about planning for mistakes.

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