Health & Fitness

You’ve heard that our bodies are our temples. Whilst there is some truth to that, the idea is a little bit too grand for us. However, there is no doubt that if we are not healthy and full of vigor, we miss out on a lot of opportunities in life and we are never fully independent.

Not everything health related is in our control of course. But a lot of it is. And as per our philosophy, don’t focus on what you can’t control, focus on what you can.

What can you control?

  • Your sleep.
  • Your food.
  • Your level of activity.
  • Your hygiene.

This subject we attack with the help of our in-house warrior – Firas Kubrasli.

In addition to Q&A sessions we hold regularly, you can also consult with Firas directly so that you can focus on you.

Don’t neglect this aspect of your life. It’s important for your quality of life, for your feelings about yourself and for the image you project to the world.

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