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There is no doubt that our health affects our vitality and mental state. Of course, not everything regarding our health is within our control, but there are many things you can focus on to improve your health – your sleep, your food, your activity level and your hygiene.

The Good Life Manifesto offers toolboxes, consultations and courses tailored for you. Browse our products, we even have free items to inspire you and aid you in your understanding of what we can do for you.

Consultations and Plans

Do you sleep well, have great energy in your everyday life and generally feel wonderful? No? This could well be because your body is not as healthy as it could be. 

Being healthy and fit goes a long way to improve not only your body, but also your mind. If you feel comfortable in your body, you will have more of a get up and go attitude. Instead of dreading doing a chore as simple as dusting a piece of furniture, would it not be great to not only jump into action, but perhaps be inspired to do a few more tasks with pleasure? 

Everyone is different, and we all have different bodies, needs and circumstances. Being fit and healthy does not mean becoming a champion body builder. We cannot possibly all do that, or even want to. But some advice on changing your eating habits and daily activities in a way that you can realistically manage can really go a long way to improving your life in the way you want to. 

You can change. You can be healthier and enjoy life more. The Good Life Manifesto offers nutrition and fitness consultations and plans, made for you, by our team of specialist trainers.

Free Initial Consultation

Discuss your specific personal needs one on one with one of our health professionals. After completing a questionnaire, schedule a digital one on one consultation with and expert via Zoom, and tell them about your life, where you are health wise and where you would like to be. They will suggest some useful initial steps you can take to improve your health straight away and start to enjoy a more energetic life.

To find out more, and to schedule your free consultation with one of our health mavens click here

Nutritional and Training Plans

Once you have had your initial free consultation you will realise that yes, you can change. Take your desire to change your body and health even further by signing up for a transformation strategy made just for you. Our expert will provide you with a personalised 12 week plan of action, with a detailed nutritional plan to fit your profile and your life, as well as a detailed step by step fitness program to help you turn your physical transformation aspirations into reality. 

You can do it! Start on your path to a healthier you, your way, by clicking here

Price 150 EUR

Ongoing Support Plan

Let’s be honest – changing habits is hard. Slipping is just so easy, and the reason most people fail at any kind of change in routine is because they don’t have a supporter to encourage them and keep them going. Motivation and support are vital factors in any kind of lifestyle adjustment. Improving your health and fitness is not just about nutrition and physical exercise. It requires a mental attitude and enthusiasm as well, and motivation is key to keeping you on track. 

Even if you did not receive your transformation plan from The Good Life Manifesto, we would love to still inspire and encourage your efforts. We can provide you with support and guidance on a 12 week basis, renewable as suits your needs. We use a simple chat application to help you stay on track. You don’t need to do this alone. Let us be your cheerleaders and inspire you to keep going and not just give up.

Let us root for you! To start receiving support and guidance from our experts sign up for our Physical Transformation Support Plan. Click here for details

Price 240 EUR


Our free toolboxes can assist you in getting started on your journey to improve your health. Answer a few questions about yourself and we will send you information specific to your needs.

Do you want to be healthy?

We all want to be healthy but we often don’t know where to start. Despite the wealth of often conflicting online information, we don’t know who to turn to in order to do the best for ourselves.  

Tell us about yourself and our health and fitness experts will get back to you to schedule a free consultation. To start click here