Giving - A small way to improve the world

There is no doubt in most people’s minds that the world could be a much better place.  For people, for the environment, for animals. 

We cannot snap our fingers and change the world, but charity is a way of doing a little bit towards making it a little better. 

The concept of giving is embedded in different cultures in different ways.

In Christianity the word “Alms” means giving to poor people in a context of mercy and pity. Buddhism has the concept of “Dana”, which means sharing and selfless giving, without anticipation of return or benefit. Islam has the conception known as “Zakat”, which is considered to be a religious obligation or tax. In Judaism there is the rather unique perspective known as “Tzedakah”, which is derived from the word “justice”. It seeks to act as a balance and address fairness and righteousness. 

The Good Life Manifesto chooses to support the obligation of preventing cruelty to animals, and helping those who try to repair the harm mankind causes to animals. 


Avain Trust- We help those who want to help but who may not have the resources necessary.

We do this by connecting you to the nearest avian rescue to where you are, helping pay for the transport there and if needed, help with the vet bills that may be incurred.

Founder Ludovic Vuillier is a passionate bird lover. There are of course so many animal rescues over the world, but pet birds are not the most popular. The Good Life Manifesto selects to support animal charities, and in particular the work of the Runham Wildlife Rescue and the incredible efforts they make for birds and other animals.

Another worthy charity close to Ludovic’s heart is Mercy For Animals, who are dedicated to eradicating the system of cruel exploitation of animals for food and replacing it with one that is not just kind to animals, but also the planet we call home.

 A percentage of proceeds from this website are donated to these causes. 

Take action. Improve the life of others as well as your own.