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The Good Life Manifesto [TGLM] is a project to help you discover what it is you truly want out of life and to help you align your life activities with those desires. We do not believe that there is one path for everyone which is why we do not teach a specific method. Rather, the method is built to help you live your best life based on your needs, wants, desires and circumstances.

We do believe that there are certain aspects of life which we all have in common but how we achieve those may also be different for each one.


Anyone who feels that there may be more to life than they are currently experiencing will benefit from TGLM.

Anyone who is dissatisfied with their life despite being successful in the popular sense of the word.

Anyone who is not satisfied with their achievements.

Anyone who is just starting out and would appreciate the additional guidance.

We will never tell you what you need to do nor will we tell you that the way we live our lives is better than any other way. We will help you discover what it is that will make you feel satisfied with your life and help you find the best way to achieve those milestones.

Ambassadors are local representatives of The Good Life Manifesto. All Ambassadors have gone through our mentorship program, have been additionally vetted and abide by our guidelines. In other words, Ambassadors embody The Good Life Manifesto.

Only individuals who have gone through our mentorship programs can apply to become an ambassador. 

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That really depends on you, your circumstances and what you want to achieve. There is no right answer. If you would like a consultation with us, contact us and request a consultation.

We provide a lot of information for free on our site and social media. Just by reading the blog posts, following our videos, reading our eBooks and reading our public answers to many questions you will be able learn a lot and improve many aspects of your life in very profound ways.

If you are looking to achieve the next level or feel you could do with some additional guidance (it’s ok, the truth is we all do but many won’t admit it) then you can sign up for some of our paid services.

There are many services that we offer for individuals and companies. You can find the list of services here.

No. While we do have our own political and religious beliefs, we do not believe that this should be a part of TGLM since each individual has a different way of achieving their life’s visions. We do not hide our thoughts and beliefs but we also do not publicise them on TGLM.

Absolutely. You can’t make any change in life without accepting responsibility for that aspect of your life. Take that thought further and you’ll understand that the more aspects of your life you take responsibility for the more aspects of your life you’ll be able to change.

I do not think I know more than others. I am thankful to have experienced a lot, both a lot of good and a lot of bad, and have had the privilege of being able to learn from some incredible people.

So why me? Because of one innate tendency that I have. Already at a young age it was discernible. I am very self aware and love to learn. Since I have had many ups and downs in life, I had many opportunities to analyse, learn, implement and improve. The result is that today, even on my worst days, I live a life I barely dared dream about when I was young. And the journey isn’t over.

So, no, I do not have all of the answers. But I have an open mind, am willing to question everything and learn from the results. You can choose to join or not. Read the blog, watch the videos and download the ebooks and then decide.

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