The Good Life Manifesto Frequently Asked Questions

Questions are vital. We need them. We need to question others. We need to question information. We need to question ourselves.

So we at the Good Life Manifesto are used to people asking us questions. People should indeed ask us questions. Some questions are commonly asked of us, and we share them and our answers below. And if they do not answer your question, send us a query via the form below.

What is The Good Life Manifesto?

The Good Life Manifesto is an endeavour to help people discover what they really want out of life, and offer ways to assist them on achieving their aspirations. Everyone is different. You are different. That is why we provide methods designed to aid you on your needs and your wants, and your circumstances.

There are certainly many aspects of life that are common to most people, but the approach to achieving those qualities can be different for you.

Who is The Good Life Manifesto for?

It is for everyone who wants more out of life, but may not know what is missing. Why they feel dissatisfied, regardless of their present situation but are not sure why. Anyone who is starting something and would appreciate some guidance. 

It is for everyone. It is for you.

What can I expect from The Good Life Manifesto?

There is no set recipe for a better life, whatever that may mean to you. And the way we live our own lives is not better that the way you live ours. But what you can expect is help to discover ways of what it is that is missing from your life, and how you can best achieve your aspirations.

What are The Good Life Manifesto Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are representatives of The Good Life Manifesto. They are people who have worked through our various programs and applied the concepts to successfully achieve their aspirations. We have a mentorship program for Ambassadors, and they are fully vetted and abide by our guidelines. They embody the principles of The Good Life Manifesto and act as mentors to those undergoing our courses.

How can I become an Ambassador for The Good Life Manifesto?

If the Good Life Manifesto has helped you, and you want to help others, why not apply for our mentorship programs. 

To apply to join our business mentorship programme, click here

To apply to join our personal development mentorship programs, click here

I want to change so many aspects of my life. How do I know where to start?

Your life and your needs are unique to you. A consultation with The Good Life Manifesto can help you make this decision. To request a consultation with us, click here

What does The Good Life Manifesto cost?

The Good Life Manifesto provides a great deal of material absolutely free. Our Toolboxes, videos and several of our eBooks are available at no cost at all. And our frequent blog posts provide valuable insights and food for thought. Our newsletter is also free of charge.

If you enjoy and feel you learn from the information in these materials and would like to take yourself to the next level, or would like some additional guidance, then why not sign up for some of our paid services.

For Personal Development products and services click here

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Is The Good Life Manifesto just for individuals?

Absolutely not! We offer tailor made services to companies to help them and their employees improve their businesses. We also have options on sponsorship for employees that companies can take advantage of as part of their HR programs. 

View our corporate services here

Is The Good Life Manifesto political or religious?

No. All people, including ourselves have different religious, cultural and political aspects to our lives. We do not believe in concealing our own views, but we do not publish them or make them part of The Good Life Manifesto.

Why is it that personal responsibility seems to form a big part of The Good Life Manifesto?

If you do not recognise and accept responsibility for your own actions and choices, you cannot question them. And if you cannot question them, then you cannot change them. And you cannot grow.

Do you think you know more than everyone else?

No, we at The Good Life Manifesto do not at all think we know more than others. We do, however, have had a great deal of experience in life and learned many lessons. To read more about us, click here