This is the most important page of the website. You know why? Because this page tells you whether you should trust that the information written on this site comes from learning and experience or whether it’s been studied only theoretically.


Too often I see a twenty something year old with no business or life experience decide that they want to share with the world their wisdom. Even if they do have some type of business experience, at that age, they do not have enough life experience. I too, at twenty something thought I had the world figured out. Life had a grand ol’ time teaching me to be more humble. And that’s good because I got the benefit of learning some very hard lessons which have made me the man I am today.


So how did I know that I had enough experience backing me to actually share this information with you without being an a**? One, the fact that this was a question showed already a level of maturity I did not have before. Two, when more and more people reached out to tell me how much they learned from my lecture or article. Three, when I understood deep inside that though I have a lot of information (dare I say wisdom?) to share there was still a lot for me to learn.

“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know” - Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
Theoretical Physicist

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