About The Good Life Manifesto

We live in an information age. And a mis-information age as well.

The internet gives us the ability to access vast amounts of information. Some of it valuable, a lot of it not. 

So who can you trust for information? We would like you to trust us. But why should you? 

Because everything we offer you comes from real life experience. Decades of it. We have learnt that true astuteness and knowledge comes from life experience. Not simply theory. Sometimes this has been a hard lesson to learn. It has turned us into the people we are today. You cannot share knowledge and advice if you have not lived through it. 

We too were once young know-it-alls, thinking our limited experience and theoretical study made us experts and the world should heed our pearls of wisdom. Well, life took care of that for us, often in very humbling ways. And we continue to learn. Because with maturity comes a different type of insight – including questioning ourselves on if we are actually really do have the experience to back our advice. This question in itself shows us that we are ready to share. 

“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know” - Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
Theoretical Physicist

When people reach out to us and thank us and tell us what they gained from us, we are grateful that we are ready to impart our knowledge, and that we will continue to grow, learn and share.

We have many things to offer to you from our experiences. Many of them are free.

And at the core of it is The Good Life Manifesto itself. Let us help guide you into the better life you wish to have.

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